Focused Energy Stack


Mental Focus, Clarity, Concentration, & Energy + More Intense Energy for When You Need It

Focus XT is commonly used to help improve mental focus, clarity, concentration, and improve energy levels. It offers a lot more in the way of cognitive benefits than the popular energy drinks on the market, at a fraction of the cost per serving. It is also a great option for people that want a pre-workout aid that helps improve mind – muscle connection and help them get going before a workout without getting them anxious and jittery.

Available in 7 great tasting flavors – Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Berry Collision, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, Black Cherry, & Black Berry.

Adrena-G provides you with 25 mg of 1,3-dimethylamylamine per capsule, which is the ingredient that is commonly included in most popular pre-workout items. Adrena-G allows you to customize the dosage of this popular compound to your own individual needs.

Please see individual products for Dosages and Warnings.